Iglesia ni Cristo (INC)

Iglesia_ni_Cristo_logoThe Iglesia Ni Cristo, Tagalog for Church of Christ; also known as INC, or Iglesia, is the largest entirely indigenous Christian religious organization that originated from the Philippines and the largest independent church in Asia. Due to a number of similarities, some Protestant writers describe the INC’s doctrines as restorationist in outlook and theme, but nothing can be found to connect the INC to the Restoration Movement. Felix Y. Manalo officially registered the church as a corporation sole with him as executive minister on July 27, 1914] and because of this, most publications refer to him as the founder of the church. However, the official doctrines of the church profess that Jesus Christ is the founder of the INC and that Felix Manalo was God’s last messenger, whom he sent to re-establish the Christian Church to its true, pristine form because the original church was apostatized. They believe that the apostatized church is the Roman Catholic Church, and proclaim that Catholic dogmas, such as the Trinity, are proof of this apostacy. The organization does not believe in the Trinity, nor that the divinity of Jesus and the Holy Spirit are Biblical. While calling itself a Christian denomination, it is considered to be a cult by some Christian denominations due to their belief that Jesus Christ is a mere man and that they reject the belief of Trinity.


Comments on: "Iglesia ni Cristo (INC)" (2)

  1. im so very proud that im a member of this church…

  2. im a member of INC since 1990
    local of balingcanaway district of tarlac

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